Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sometimes it is possible to be too smart for your own good, and as Hassaan has gotten older so has the knowledge within him that he's a pretty smart little guy.  He's picking up on the French in school faster than many of the other kids - including his second grade brother.  He got a reward note from his teacher the other day for being caught speaking en francais to his friends, rather than in English as is what usually happens in first grade.  And he's managed to figure out how to manipulate his older brother into saying words that he shouldn't be, therefore getting his brother into trouble while thinking he's remained an innocent party.  The problem with that is that his grandparents and his mother have caught on.  

Hassaan is now half finished grade one.  Grade one has actually been, shockingly, successful.  He is in a split senior kindergarten/grade one class that has given him the ability to be the big kid.  While most of his friends are the kindergartners, he is making friends with the first graders.  And with a change in medication this past December things are very calm both at home and school.