Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just for fun

So I got this "game" from an old entry on a friend's blog.  She and I have been friend's for many years, and I was going back to about the time both of our children turn one.

What you have to do is go to the Google search page.  Type in your name and the word "is" after it (so it says "(your name) is") and hit enter.  Just make sure with the new search "help" (or should I say, less than help) you don't add any of those words.

So I typed in "Alice is..." and these are some of the (clean) things I got:

Alice is...dead (nope, still here.)

Alice is...a very annoying, odd little girl (courtesy of Tim Burton) (I'm sure many people over the years would agree with this sentiment.)

Alice is...wonderful  (hey, I agree with this one!  LOL)

Alice it again (I wonder what "it" is?)

Alice is...not in wonderland.  She's just stoned (I'm going to say I'm personally not either!)

Alice is...the future  (yes!!!)

Alice is...a thing of wonder  (I'll go with that.  And I'm sure at least my brothers will define it in a wonderful way.)

Alice is...watching you  (okay now, that's just creepy.)

Alice is...eighteen.  (Nope.  But I was.  A looooong time ago.)

Alice is...drawing  (seriously, no one wants to see that.  It never ends well.)

I didn't come up with nearly the amount my friend did, nor some that are nearly as interesting.  Maybe it's the newer search method since 2005 that Google is using.  Maybe my name just isn't as interesting.  But this was my fun on a Saturday morning.  I know.  Alice's life is sad.