Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And now the other kid

For months - since our first parent teacher interview back in November - Hammad's teacher has been at me to get him tested for ADD.  Not ADHD like Hassaan has, but ADD.  I kept saying that no, there's not a problem, he's just a little spacey and doesn't like to do things that don't interest him, as well as this darned perfectionist streak that he's got.  But then today Abdullah and I got to sit in on his class to watch him do his speech (on his visite de conservatoire de papillon).  Hammad was third up.  So we got to observe him as well.  The wonderful thing about being six is that you don't always realize when people are watching you just to watch you.  And what I saw has me stepping back and changing my tune.

"Space cadet" does not even cover it.  Hammad is a very smart, very creative little boy who is becoming more and more obviously off in his own planet, to the point that his teacher doesn't have anything to evaluate for report cards. So now, we contact the doctor and get him evaluated as well.  If (big IF) he is on the ADD scale, it would be closer to the type that I have been diagnosed with - inattentive ADD.

On one hand, if he does have it, we can do something about him and give him the skills to succeed, the skills that I didn't have because I was repeatedly told I wasn't trying hard enough.  On the other, I really hope he doesn't have it, because two kids on the ADD/ADHD scale isn't my idea of a good time.

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