Sunday, June 5, 2011

A bad sensory day

Every once in awhile, fortunately less now than before, we have what can only be called a bad sensory day.

Hassaan, along with everything else, is also hypersensitive.  This he also comes by honestly - it's something that I have always dealt with too, however Hassaan seems to have it to a greater degree than I do.  Today he couldn't handle the clothes I picked out for him, so had a tantrum.  Then he had a tantrum because I'd let his clothes touch the floor.  Then, after finally getting him dressed and going into town to go to the 2011 Walk for Autism fundraiser for a local family we know (the walk is actually in a few weeks in Toronto, they raise money for their son's "team" every year), he refused to speak to anyone but me, refused to put his hat on because it had a double shoe-string type strap on it (which he's worn for two summers without a problem now) and spent a good deal of time taking his shoes off to clean in between his toes because things were touching his toes.  In his sneakers.

These are the days when it's incredibly frustrating for both him and I.  Usually it's frustrating to me because I do not understand why he's doing what he's doing.  But on days like this, it's frustrating because I understand all too well and hate that he's going through that much like I have done and - to some degree - continue to do.  And on days like this, I ask one question - between the ADHD, ODD, anxiety and hypersensitivity....

Why has God made life so difficult for Hassaan?

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  1. Salaam,

    God is great! Only He knows why He does what He does! Perhaps Hassan's sickness is a mercy from Him for you and Hassan. Perhaps Allah will reward you with Paradise for your patience. Be patient sister and count your blessings!