Monday, June 6, 2011

Medicine. Or lack thereof.

Tomorrow we go to see Hassaan's paediatrician again.  Not entirely sure what's going to be going on, as the last time around I was unable to go as I was having minor surgery so my parents took him.  Now, here's the thing.  I love my dad, I really do.  And I am very grateful that he's been able to help with the boys when we need it. And when Hassaan first went on meds, he was one of the many that agreed we'd seen such a positive change.  Now that we've seen that change consistently, he's gone onto the other side, where my middle brother is, in the 'he doesn't need medication' bandwagon.  So on days like today, when I've given him the pills to give to Hassaan because he's not had breakfast yet, and then he doesn't give them (because they went out and he forgot to take the pills with them, which I totally get because I've done it) and then says later "well he's just fine, see?"  It's just so frustrating.  As I said tonight, the problem is not necessarily immediate, but later - when bedtime becomes a bigger fight than normal, when he starts to get a headache because it's coming out of his system and not going back in, he needs to have his meds.  And that's where I left it.

So the lesson is to me - make sure Hassaan has his meds before he leaves the house because the chances of him getting them there are, well, slim.  I know that if he's having a sleepover and my mom is there that he will get them.  And then my next issue is that he's spending a week with my mother in law, who my husband hasn't (to the best of my knowledge) yet told about the diagnosis and meds.  In fact, the one night that he and the boys stayed over (right after my surgery, as I kicked the three of them out for some peace and quiet) and the next day I asked him if he'd given Hassaan his meds (because sometimes he forgets, just as I do) and he had.  So I asked him what his (ever critical) mother had said.  His reply was that he hadn't told her.  I asked if she'd seen it.  He said nope, he'd put it in the oatmeal when she wasn't looking.  So....  now to get my father to understand that he's gotta give the meds if asked, and Steve to talk to his mother and make sure she gets it as well.  If not, I'm not going to be able to trust him to be anywhere where he needs his meds.

Basically, the question is this - why would you not give a child on meds for ADHD, but you'd give a diabetic child their meds?   It's the same basic concept - better quality of life.

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  1. I completely agree with you! My ex-husband also acts the same way as your dad.

    I have two boys with ADHD and ODD. The 14 year old also has Tourettes. The 12 year old also has Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

    They need their meds. They know it. I know it. Why can't other people know it? I work hard to make sure that they get their meds every day. There are the daily reminders (and some times that constitutes some fighting). Then I also have to make sure I remember to fill their prescriptions. And paying for their meds (as not all are covered) is a whole other ball of wax!

    Suffice to say, I hear you. I know it doesn't count for much as I am just a random observer in another town. But at least you can know that some one else understands your frustration completely.

    I read your blog frequently. I appreciate your point of view. Being from Kincardine, I know the type of people that you are dealing with on a daily basis. It can be frustrating. I'm now in Sarnia... it isn't much better down here. I still have to fight for everything my sons need.

    As a mom of a child with issues, we have to be the biggest, strongest advocate we can be. In reading your blog, I feel that you are a wonderful, strong advocate! Your son will be better... because of you and your tireless devotion to him and your family.