Sunday, May 15, 2011


So Hassaan and Hammad gave Abdullah the game "Battleship" for his birthday earlier this week.  Because the boys are still a bit young to do it on their own, we play in teams.  Today was Abdullah and Hammad versus Hassaan and myself.  Part of this is because, after a certain point, sometimes Hassaan is just done playing, so he'll just get up and leave.  Not too helpful in a two player game.  Well, he did this during this afternoon's game.

A few minutes after deciding he was done playing Hassaan decided he was no longer done playing and came back over and sat down next to me.  He then pointed to the board.  And so began what turned into the funniest thing all day.

Hassaan: "You have to do this one and this one" (pointing to two squares on the board)

Me: "why?"

Hassaan: "well, when I was walking past, i saw their boats there and there."

Me: starts laughing so hard I end up crying during this, Abdullah is trying to explain to Hassaan how this is cheating.  Hassaan just keeps saying "well, I just walked by.  I didn't really look.  I was walking by and saw it out of the corner of my eyes, because I had to walk past your side to get back over here.  And I couldn't stop laughing.

Let's just say the next game of Battleship will have Hassaan sitting on that side of the table in case he decides to quit and come back again!

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