Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does the child know his name?

I've often wondered, if I were to count, how many times a day would the word "Hassaan" come out of my mouth.  It's at least in the double digits, if not the triple digits.  I mean, seriously - I wonder if the child knows his name at all some days.  Take this morning for example...

"Hassaan, come get dressed."  (Amazingly enough, he actually appeared at this point.  He did, however, ask if he had to go to school - no, today is a Grampy day.  He is in senior kindergarten in an A Day/B Day system.  Not only was today supposed to have been a B Day (he's an A Day kid) but it's also a PD Day, so he'd be with Grampy anyway.)

"You know what?  There's a groundhog."

"Hassaan, pick a shirt."

"And the groundhog is gonna come out of his hole and..."

"Hassaan.  Pick.  A.  Shirt."

"...he'll see his shadow and say "aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!""  (Imagine that being said with giant eyes, mouth open wide and hands up by his head.  Oh, and did I mention the child is stark raving naked expect for his socks?  So this is quite the sight.)

"Hassaan.  Pick a shirt!"

He picks a shirt.

"I'm afraid groundhogs day was yesterday, Hassaan."

His jaw drops.  He puts his underpants on.  He leans on me.  "Are you serious?" he asks.  "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope - yesterday.  And was it sunny?" (Imagine me trying not to laugh.)

"Noooooo." This look of horror comes over him.  But he puts his shirt on.

"The ground hog did not see his shadow, so he didn't go "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" like he could have."

"Are you kidding me?  Seriously?"

"Hassaan, put your pants on."

He starts to take his shirt off.

"Hassaan!  You already changed your shirt.  Put your pants on."

"But...but...the groundhog!"  Puts his pants on.

"Is just fine - he didn't see his shadow and spring is coming."  (I neglected to mention to him that spring is coming whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not.)

So, eight times in one conversation I say his name in just trying to redirect him to what he is supposed to be doing instead of whatever inane conversation he feels like having.  Oh, I have the conversation with him.  They go in some very unusual directions sometimes.  However, if we don't also do what we have to do while having the conversations, we'll never get anywhere!  But still - does he know his name?  Or does he just like to hear it being said over and over and over again?

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