Monday, February 21, 2011

The good days

Some days, we have entirely awesome days.  And some days these days start out horribly.  Or, at least, part of the good part starts out horribly.

Yesterday, Hassaan and I went to London to sign some paperwork for a new vehicle that I am getting.  The reason we are going two hours away for it is mostly because Abdullah has already dealt with them with good results.

Anyway, Hassaan hadn't left the house since he got home from school on Wednessday, so I decided that Hassaan was coming with me.  Hassaan, on the other hand, didn't think this was such a great idea.  Me, though, thought that 72 hours not leaving the house was a bit much.  Granted, it wasn't Hassaan's fault - Abdullah has had the chicken pox and couldn't go anywhere but the front yard, so he did have Hassaan and Hammad outside in the yard after school.  But Hassaan hadn't gone past the end of the driveway.  So off to London Hassaan was going to go.  Whether he liked it or not.

The first issues was getting Hassaan dressed.  That was easier than normal.  He was, at this point, in a good mod, even being rather tired for staying up goofing off the night before.  And then...and then he said "are we going somewhere?"

Upon being told that yes, he and I are going somewhere, he ran upstairs and yelled "I'm not coming down until you leave!"  Once again he appears to have forgotten that he is the child and I am the mommy.  Oh such fun we had getting him into the car.  Sobbing, crying, yelling he wasn't going even after getting his seatbelt on, telling me he hated me, telling me he wasn't going even after we'd left and were headed towards town.  Finally he stopped crying.  But he was grumpy and as we were taking the "squiggly" way into town before continuing to London, he started singing this song that just goes "the squiggly way drives me nuts" over and over again.  So I started to sing with him.  And he yelled that he hated me again.

So we get to town, I stop at Tim Horton's to get myself an iced cappuccino and him a hot chocolate and a cookie for the drive and within a mile I get "Mommy, I love you."  Dude - you have faster mood swings that a woman with PMS.  The kid talked about World of Warcraft from town through to a town an hour and a bit away.  And then he fell asleep through the next two towns, for about 45 minutes.  And when he woke up he was in a very good mood.

Hassaan was sooooo good all afternoon.  Through the two hours we spent at the car dealership.  Though he was a bit spinny through the grocery store, but as we went to an Asian grocery store, it was also a wonderful learning experience.  Had Hassaan been doing the grocery shopping, we would have come home with a cows tongue, cows lung, cows stomach, cows heart, mutton leg and a pigs snout.  Though he did say "we wouldn't eat the pigs' snout cuz we don't eat pig - bit it looks funny."

Hassaan was also so very, very good when we went to visit my brother in the hospital.  My brother has been there for nearly two weeks and is very sick, but the doctors cannot figure out what is going on.  It is to the point they had to give him a blood transfusion today, which he had an allergic reaction to. But I took Hassaan up to see him and my sister in law yesterday evening and Hassaan was so good.  In fact, he was so good he let his stuffed dog Bingo there to keep his Uncle I company to "help him with his bravery when he is all alone at night."  Though he was specific in the fact that when Uncle I gets out of the hospital, Grammy has to bring Bingo home.

I love days that he's so sweet that I have people tell me he's adorable.  I just wish we had them more often.

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