Monday, February 28, 2011

I am so confused

Typical school day conversation, all said by Hassaan (my response to all of them are generally "I don't care, you're going to school."):

- I hate school
- I'm not going to school
- I'm stupid
- I'm dumb
- I hate school.
- You can't make me go to school
- I hate school work
- School is bad
- School is mean
- I won't go to school.
- I hate school
- School is stupid
- I don't want to do work

So then, twice now, the second time being today, this has taken place either on the weekend or after school -

- I want homework
- If Hammad has homework I want homework.
- Where's my homework?
- I like school work!

The first time had actually had a massive temper tantrum when I told him that I was sorry, I did not have homework for him.  He sobbed, yelled that he hated me and then ran up to his room and cried for half an hour.  His teacher sent home photocopies of an old grade one math book for him to work on.  Happy little clam. his brother finished the 10 sentence "speech" he has to give in a couple of weeks at school.  Hammad is writing it about our trip to the butterfly conservatory outside Niagara Falls, ON, last summer.  So Hassaan decided that HE was going to write a speech too.  He did a sentence and a half today and says he'll finish it tomorrow.

So far, it says:

J'aime des cheins.  Mon chein prefere est le dalmation parc qu'il a de....

Oh, and did I mention these speeches have to be in French?  Seeing as they're in French immersion?  So yes, my five year old "I hate school" son has decided that he must write a speech for school.

I am so confused.


  1. Assalamualaikum sister
    how lovely Hassaan but made his mom confused ^ ^ I think I used to do the same when I was young.
    anyway I love your entries post
    I've awarded you sis
    I hope you'll accept it ^ ^

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I guess he like the school work but hates the school atmosphere itself.