Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hassaan, the Snow Day and Chicken Pox

The storm hit.  Oh joy, oh bliss.  All schools in the area are closed.  And I already had a scheduled day off.  So here I sit, in my always cold house (darn 135 year old small farmhouses!) with two children - one who doesn't handle changes in schedule well (Hassaan) and the other, who is also currently known as "Spot" - Hassaan's brother Hammad, who's now been out of school a week with the chicken pox.  I love my children dearly, but  I won't kid you - I've harboured thoughts of putting them upside down in a snowbank today already - and it's only 9am.  Instead, I've taken Hammad's computer time away for the rest of the week, which has gone over like, well, judging by the screaming and door banging, not well.

Hassaan, on the other hand, has been up since 5:15am, and hasn't stopped moving at all since 7:15am.  What did impress me this morning is that he crawled into bed, got under the blanket and even though I know he did not go back to sleep he laid quietly until he told me my clock wasn't working (whoops...forgot to reset it after accidentally unplugging it last night!). And since then, he hasn't stopped - moving, talking, tattle tailing.  And now he's even dancing to the radio.

So, let's take a kid who can't really handle changes in routine along with a kid who's bored because he's been home since last Thursday (and it's now Wednesday), add an exhausted mother, a massive snowstorm, and what do we get?

A very, very  long day.

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